Deep hole drilling indexable gun drill 18mm diameter high performance indexable gundrilling tool

indexable gun drill , special design easy for chip removal , with high speed and working efficiency

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The overall structure of the indexable gun drill is the same as the ordinary gun drill, except that the cutter head is partially assembled, the cutter head body is made of tool steel, the cutting edge is made of replaceable carbide insert, and the guide part is made of carbide guide blocks. The set screw assembles the whole cutter head together (see the figure below for the structure). indexable gun drills are generally suitable for holes with a diameter of 10 mm -60mm


•Versatility for use on lathe, machining centers and deep hole machines.

•High efficiency by specifically developed cutting edge geometry for ideal chip formation.

•Shortens downtime resulting from quick exchange of worn parts

•Easy to use, no sharpening, no length adjustment, easy inventory of wear parts.

•Lengthens tool life due to full coating, edge treatment and indexable design

•Quick availability due to stocked wear parts and most common body sizes.



 Triangular inserts have 3 cutting edges. Positive rake chip breakers and chip splitting geometries allow the use of feed rates 3 to 4 times greater than that of traditional gun drills. They are manufactured from micrograin carbide and available in several PVD wear-resistant coatings.



Indexable gun drill and insert pad 
Diameter  Insert type  pad insert
pad screw 
11.52 060204R GP04-055 M2.5x4.5 M2x3.7
12.02 060204R GP04-055 M2.5x4.5 M2x3.7
12.52-13.52 060204R GP04-055 M2.5x5 M2x3.7
14.02-15.52 070304R GP05-060 M2.5x5 M2.2x4.5
16.02-17.52 080305R GP05-075 M2.5x6 M2.2x4.5
18.02-18.52 090305R GP06-085 M2.5x6 M2.5x5
19.02-19.52 090305R GP06-085 M2.5x6 M2.5x6
20.02-20.52 100305R GP06-085 M3x7 M2.5x6
21.02-21.52 100305R GP06-100 M3x7 M2.5x6
22.02-24.52 110405R GP06-100 M3.5x9 M2.5x6
25.02-25.52 120405R GP06 M4x10 M2.5x6
26.02-27.52 120405R GP06 M4x10 M2.5x6
28.02-29.02 120405R GP06 M4x10 M2.5x6
29.52 130408R GP06 M4x10 M2.5x6
30.02-32.02 130408R GP07 M5x11




Dezhou Kabaide Cutting Tool Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of gun drills, located in Dezhou,Shandong which is a base city for deep hole drilling. Our brand is “KBD". We can produce many sizes of gun drills as well as non standard gun drills according to clients' special requirements.
We focus on gun drill production business. We have special deep hole drilling tool machines.Our gun drill carbide tip (brand ESTECH) is sourced from Switzerland,which guarantees the quality of the tool. ESTECH was founded in 1941,is a partner of Botek.
Our company invites famous cutting tool professors in this industry to instruct the research and development.With many years development,we have our own technique process, and registered our own brand.Nowadays,our products are sold well in domestic market and overseas,and are highly praised by our customers.
As a good private owned company, we have innovative,capable and flexible structure,and complete and scientific quality control system.Our gun drills are high hardness,good rigidity,high accuracy,long lasting,and good cost performance.
Continuous improvement of the process, solid progress to produce the gun drills, creating a national brand,and to pursue the excellence is our eternal goal.

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