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Deep Hole Drilling Jobshop

Deep hole processing technology was first applied in the processing of gun barrels and gun barrels in the military industry. With technological progress and social development, it has gradually been widely used in civilian industries. Deep hole processing is a key process in mechanical processing because of its great difficulty, heavy processing workload and high cost.

At present, the commonly used deep hole drilling processing technologies mainly include gun drilling, BTA drilling, and jet suction drilling. The following are the introductions of the above-mentioned deep hole drilling technologies and their characteristics.

Gun drilling is one of the most common deep hole processing methods, usually used for deep hole processing with relatively small hole diameter. The machining hole diameter ranges from1 to 50mm, and the depth-to-diameter ratio generally does not exceed 100 times, and the maximum hole depth rarely exceeds 4000mm. In the general gun drill structure, the cutter head, drill rod and drill shank are welded into a whole. For the gun drill below 2mm, the cutter head and the tool holder adopt the structure of solid carbide. Therefore, the cost of the gun drill tool is relatively high, and there are certain limitations at the same time.


Gun drilling is a drilling method with internal cooling and external drainage, and its working principle is shown in the left figure.

The gun drill rod is made of seamless steel pipe with V-shaped grooves. During cutting, the high-pressure cutting fluid flows from the inside of the drill rod to the cutting area of the drill head for cooling and lubrication, and then the chips are separated from the hole wall and the V groove on the outside of the drill rod. out of the groove.

①. When gun drilling is used to process deep holes, the workpiece and the tool rotate in reverse at the same time, and the straightness of the deep hole is the best. At this time, the structure of the entire gun drilling deep hole processing system is shown in the figure:

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