Deep hole drilling tool surface treatment


gundrillbit is made of cemented carbide, its hardness is enough to meet the deep hole processing of most materials, and the processing cost is low, so it is the most widely used.

For some special materials or deep hole processing with special requirements, ordinary gun drills often fail to achieve satisfactory processing results. As a result, excessive consumption of waste products or knives leads to increased production costs. At this time, the quality of the drill bit can be improved by coating the drill bit or making the drill bit with special materials.

Coating technology can improve the cutting performance of traditional cemented carbide tools by 30%, and can obtain higher surface finish and dimensional accuracy in some special materials and processing occasions.

#Gundrillcoating is divided into two categories: TiN (yellow color) and TiAlN (black gray)

The main application of coated gun drill: high-precision hole processing of soft materials; high-hardness material hole processing;

The drill bit is embedded with diamond blades, which can solve the hole processing of super hard materials or materials with serious tool wear; but the stability of the processing process is high, no vibration can occur, and the diamond chipping can be avoided!

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