Improve GUNDRILL Life Universal Grind Machine


Model GD-600 Tool Grinder
Table size 130mmx600mm
Table left and right travel 270mm
Front and rear travel of workbench 170mm
The vertical lifting distance of the grinding wheel is 130mm
Grinding wheel rotation angle 360°
Grinding head speed 2800 RPM
Motor 550W 220V/380V
Grinding wheel size 125 x 50 x 32mm
Gross weight 140kg
Package size (LxWxH) 76x65x65cm

The gun drill sharpening machine is a simple desktop special grinder for grinding the gun drill angle. The grinding head of the machine tool is integrated with the motor, and has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, beautiful appearance, stable precision, light and sensitive operation, and convenient use and adjustment.
Not only is it cost-effective, but it can also grind special angles and multiple angles. After grinding the gun drill, it can better prolong the life of the gun drill.
The motor can be configured according to the needs of different countries, and there is no problem in exporting to overseas countries.

1. GD-600 tool grinding machine adopts precision linear guide rail. The bed platform works smoothly and is easy to operate.
2. With various accessories, it can grind forming knives, end mills, R-type milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, R-type turning tools, hobbing cutters, drill bits, taps, engraving knives, chamfering knives, and circular paper cutters. Knives, flat grooves, forming surfaces, etc.

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