Gun drill Process


The gun drill has a decisive impact on the generation and development of deep hole drilling technology.The single flute drills canachieve extremely high aperture tolerance,surface texture and small vibration variance. This allows the gun drill to be used in precise hole machining.In practical application, the direct drills operation can replace part of the reaming operation,which has astrong sense of mechanical reliability.
The gun drill is composed of carbide drill bit, drill rod, and driver, which can be suitable for most of material processing,such ascast iron,stainless steel,aluminium,graphite,wood products,and all kinds of nonferrous metals. The gun drill is the single flutecutting tool,the hole needs to be guided by the guide bush. With the development of CNC machine industry, gun drill tools arenot only suitable for itself only,but also suitable for high pressure internal embedded liquid coolant CNC lathes,machining centerand other complex numeric lathes as well.
KBDcompanycan produce drill tools with diameter of 1mm-50mm,the length ratio is more than 250x, and the longest lengthcan reach 5000mm.The pattern of drill tool is divided into standard gun drills.non standard (step gun drills, spherical gun drills,etc.).Coating and PCD gun drils, overall carbide solid drills, and clip type gun drills etc.

 With the continuous development of science and technology and the unremitting efforts of deep hole processing system manufacturers, deep hole processing has become a convenient and efficient processing method.  And are widely used in fields such as: automobile industry, aerospace industry, structural construction industry, medical equipment industry, mold/knife/fixture industry, oil pressure, air pressure industry and so on.

 Gun drilling is an ideal solution for deep hole processing. Using gun drilling can obtain precise processing results. The processed holes have precise positions, high straightness and coaxiality, and high surface finish and repeatability.  It can process various forms of deep holes conveniently, and it can also solve special deep holes, such as cross holes, blind holes and flat bottom blind holes.

 Deep hole gun drill, deep hole drill

Gun drill:

 1. It belongs to the special deep hole machining tool for external chip removal.  The v-angle is 120°.
 2. It is used for special machine tools for gun drilling.
 3. The way of cooling and chip removal is high pressure oil cooling system.

 4. There are two types of ordinary hard alloy and coated cutter heads.

Carbide Gun drill Product features
Hole can be processed in good precision,high economy,high cutting stability.excellent driling quality texture straightness,brightness,roundess ,drill bits can be grinded for many times,it can customized according tocustomer requirements can be uoed for gundrill machine ,machining center and moditied  as well
Indexable Gundrill product features 

No more grinding ,easy to replace the insert and guides ,special insert port treatment has high cutting speed and cutting ability

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