CBN and Diamond Honing stone Differentiation and Use


Diamond and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels (CBN)

It is one of the well-known abrasive materials, usually called super abrasives. For this reason, it is very suitable for processing and grinding materials that are difficult or even impossible to grind with conventional abrasives such as silicon carbide or corundum.

Diamond and CBN have the same crystal structure. Diamond is composed of pure carbon.

CBN is composed of nitrogen and boron.



Due to its good hardness, diamond is very suitable for processing the following materials:

All cemented carbide


Oxide and non-oxide ceramics


Hard alloy

Sapphire and glass



Reinforced fiber composite

Precious stone




CBN is composed of two elements: boron and nitrogen. Compared with diamond,

CBN has no carbon atoms and is very suitable for processing steel.


The following materials can be processed:

Steel with hardness above 54HRc

High Speed Steel (HSS


Nickel-plated alloy

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