Carbide Gundrill Introduction


Gun drill represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. Gun drilling can be used not only to process deep holes (length-diameter ratio> 10), but also to process precision shallow holes. Gun drill is generally welded together by three parts: drill shank, drill rod and drill bit. There is a through hole in the middle of the gun drill, which is the channel for the cutting fluid to enter the cutting area。

The gun drill is processed for forced chip removal. The high-pressure cutting oil enters the inner hole of the gun drill from the drill shank, reaches the cutting area, and cools and lubricates the drill edge. Iron filings and cutting oil are discharged along the "V" groove of the drill pipe. Also referred to as swarf.

    The range of materials processed by gun drills is very wide. From glass fiber, Teflon and other plastics to carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and high-strength alloy steel (such as high temperature heat resistant alloy, titanium alloy) can be used for deep hole processing. Due to the excellent hole processing performance, gun drilling is widely used in shipbuilding, automobiles, engines, locomotives, military industry, chemical machinery, oil nozzle oil pumps, mining machinery and hydraulic parts, etc.

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